Our library of infographics provide further insight into the email marketing industry, presenting key information and data that will help you to build knowledge and develop your strategy effectively.

Q2 2017 - Key Promotional Opportunities

Key dates to help you plan your email marketing campaigns for the second quarter of the year.

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2016 Maxemail a Year in Review

We look back on another fantastic year at Emailcenter and for our platform Maxemail.

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Twelve Seasonal Email Campaigns

The festive period is a fantastic time for marketers, and provides lots of opportunities to boost sales. Here are twelve ideas to help you jazz up your email marketing campaigns and develop your strategy.

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What If You Printed Every Spam Email

If you printed all the spam emails sent in a year, how far would it reach?

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Ingredients to the Perfect Email Campaign

Crafting the perfect email campaign can be a challenge, but with the right knowledge, expertise and tools an email campaign can be as easy as whipping up a jam sponge. This infographic includes some of the vital ingredients required to create a successful email campaign.

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The Road to Email Marketing Success

With Email remaining as one of the most effective marketing channels, how can you ensure that you have a well-crafted strategy and a strong understanding of the elements along the way to ensure your campaigns perform to the best of their potential? This infographic takes you along a journey of successful email marketing providing effective guidance and best practice for all your email campaigns as well as some useful statistics and tips along the way.

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Game of Marketers - Which character are you?

Marketers have different traits and characteristics, but what if they were also a fantasy character from a popular TV show. Who would you be in the Game of Marketers?

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The Top 10 Operating Systems for Email

The operating system your email is viewed on can impact how your email campaign is rendered and viewed. Therefore we decided to analyse our data to see which are the most commonly used operating systems for email, comparing data from 2011 with 2014, to identify which operating systems have died out in recent years and how much consideration is now required for mobile devices.

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The Best Time to Send Email Campaigns

We often get asked what the best time is to send an email campaign, therefore we decided to analyse our data from 2014 and share with you which sending times received the best results. Of course open rates are dependent upon the type of email you are sending and the demographics of the recipient, but our data still provides some basic guidance of times to avoid and times to try out!

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Email Marketing Functionality and Performance

Email marketers’ are often exploring new features and functionality which can be applied to their email campaigns. However, just how much of the functionality available to them is actually used throughout their campaigns?

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Email Clients as Heroes and Villians

As with anything tech related, the fight for supremacy in the email client space is becoming more and more competitive… so we did some research to show just how much things have changed, who’s on the up, and who is losing ground.

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Shatterproof Email - Best practice tips

To help those new to designing HTML for email we have put together a handy infographic with some of our top tips for formatting and structuring an unbreakable message.

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Mobile Email Habits

Here at Emailcenter we have compiled some statistics that shed new light on a consumer’s mobile email habits and have put together an infographic to show our findings.

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