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Email Marketing Guide Part 1

Email marketing is a very powerful tool. Part 1 of our guide covers strategy, data, types of emails and templates.

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A Marketer's Guide to Inbox Zero

Do you often find yourself spending most of your working day responding to incoming emails? The chances are you probably do. Research has found that the average professional receives more than 100 emails every day. Even email marketers get too much mail.

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The Journey of Email Marketing

A study of the journey of email marketing, how it began, how emails and the reader has changed and what you need to do with your own email marketing.

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3 Email Marketing Security Risks

How to combat the threats to the security of your Email Marketing Database. This non-technical guide is designed to help marketers understand the possible threats and what can be done to safeguard their customer data.

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Mobile Optimise Your Emails

On average, our clients receive a 37% uplift in email clicks when they add our code to auto optimise their emails for mobile devices. It is vital that marketers include mobile as a key element of their email marketing strategy.

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The Anatomy of an Email Inbox

Find out what your marketing emails are up against and how you can cut through the clutter to get your message engaged with. This report aims to give marketers greater insight into the average UK email inbox.

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5 Fresh Reporting Techniques

Traditional email marketing reports limit the marketer’s ability to fully analyse campaign results and plan future strategies. This whitepaper highlights how to overcome these limitations and drive your email marketing forward.

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