Top Tips For Creating Effective Call To Actions


1. Placement

Most subscribers won’t read the entire contents of your email, therefore, it’s likely that you will only have a few seconds to grab their attention. When it comes to your call to actions, they should always be above the fold so that your subscribers don’t have to scroll – making it easy for them to see how to respond.

2. Colour

In order to catch the reader’s eye, your call to actions need to be designed in a colour that jumps out at the recipient. A good rule to follow is to create them in contrasting colours to the rest of your email. However, if you are restricted by certain branding guidelines then more consideration towards your placement and size may be required.

3. Text

A good place to start with the text is making it clear to the recipient on what the call to action does. Describe the benefits of it – ‘Save 50% NOW’ or ‘Download your FREE Guide Today’ and don’t forget the use of icons alongside the text in your call to actions, which can also help to highlight what is on the other side when they click.

4. Draw Attention To Them

Any techniques that help you draw more attention to your call to actions are great. Whether this is including an arrow or object pointing towards it, or having pictures of people within your hero image looking in the direction of your button.

5. Mobile Friendly

With over 50% of emails opened on mobile devices, your call to actions need to be designed with mobile viewing in mind. One key thing to remember is that the pointing device on mobile devices is fingers, so your buttons need to be big enough to be clickable for the user.

6. Testing

Perhaps you have a couple of different theories you’d like to test for your call to actions. Conducting split tests on your buttons is a great way to find out what works best for your audience. This could be done by experimenting with two different versions of text used or the exact placement of where the buttons sit within your email.