Top Tips For Creating Effective Email Content


1. Keep It Fresh With Social Feeds

A great way you can keep your email content fresh for your subscribers is by including social feeds within your emails, something that takes seconds with Maxemail’s newsfeed component. With this, you can include the newsfeed of your choice to show your most recent posts. Whether this is displaying your latest Twitter or Facebook posts, or including the RSS feed of your blog, it’s a great way to include fresh and engaging content in every email.

2. Personalisation

An effective email content strategy should identify how different groups of customers should receive content which is specifically tailored for them. There are numerous ways you can personalise your email content to increase the effectiveness of your emails, as it becomes increasingly important to meet the expectations of the modern day subscriber. Some suggestions include personalising by gender, location or browsing behaviour.

3. Valuable And Exclusive Content

It’s important to create email content that engages with the reader and provides an element of excitement when they see your email in their inbox. No matter what the nature of your business is, there is always the opportunity to offer value, whether this being tips, free resources, product recommendations or exclusive discounts.

4. Catch The Readers Eye

Make your email visually appealing and take advantage of some eye-catching imagery that is personalised towards the recipient. Dynamic email content is a great way to do this, allowing you to create one email which displays different versions of content depending on the criteria of the customer.

5. Keep It Short And Scannable

It’s important to make sure you don’t over complicate your email. The majority of your subscribers won’t be dedicating too much time to your message, so keep your content short and concise so it’s digestible for the reader. Make sure that your headings, products and any information you want the reader to see clearly stand out, and break down your text into smaller, clearer paragraphs.

6. Auto Generated Content

The chances are that the most popular items and content on your website are a good bet for your email as well. A simple way of increasing your send frequency without too much effort is to create simple emails such as ‘Best Sellers’ or ‘New In’. Additionally, if you have customer reviews, you can use these to create effective email copy such as your ‘Top Rated Products’.