Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Newsletter


1. Subject Line

It’s fairly likely that your subscribers are receiving a number of different newsletters all competing for attention in the inbox. Therefore, your subject line must pack a punch and grab the reader’s attention. The contents of your email should be reflected in your subject line, and to do this, you will need to be specific and sum up the contents in a short and snappy sentence.

2. Social Sharing

You may only be able to send your newsletter out to your subscribers who have opted in to your communications, however, by sharing your email on social media, you can increase the reach of your newsletter dramatically. Include social sharing links within your email, and if you use an ESP like Emailcenter you can share your newsletter at the point of send.

Additionally, the inclusion of a subscriber bar within your email is a great way to help convert your social followers to email subscribers through a simple click in your campaign setup.

3. Mobile

With over 50% of your newsletter opens likely to be on a mobile device, it’s essential to make sure your design renders correctly for small screens. Take advantage of Maxemail’s mobile responsive Email Builder and make sure you are running checks within the testing stage to preview the mobile version of your email.

4. Personality

Personality within your newsletter is key. Avoid making your email sound robotic and instead, inject some personality into your copy. Of course, it depends on the nature of your business, but don’t be afraid to include an element of humour within the content and build a persona behind your brand. This will help the customer develop a relationship with you and build an element of trust.

5. Scannability

Your email will have a limited amount of time to catch the reader’s attention and many may well simply scan your newsletter to quickly identify if anything is of interest. Your email, therefore, needs to be ‘scannable’, ensuring that you have clear sections and headlines in your newsletter and that your paragraphs of text are cut down.

6. Call To Actions

Your newsletter can’t contain every article, resource or news story you wish to mention as it will simply be too overwhelming to read. Instead, include strong call to actions which link to this content, making sure they are prominent so it’s obvious what action each subscriber has to do to read more on your website.