Top Tips For Email Marketing In The Travel Sector


1. In-Market Emails

If you’re able to identify that a potential customer is researching a holiday, then now is the time to increase the frequency your are sending to them. Use email to quickly and effectively push messages directly to your customer and keep your brand in the front of their mind at all times.

2. Cart Recovery & Browser Abandonment

A cart recovery solution is essential for anyone selling online, especially within the travel sector with high ticket value purchases and complex decisions to be made. It’s not just those who have added a holiday to their basket either. Those visitors who are simply browsing your site can be reached as well, falling nicely into the category of those who would benefit from in-market emails.

3. Late Deals

Not selling a holiday is a lost opportunity. To help recover that lost revenue take advantage of a late deals campaign to help achieve some last minute sales.

4. Inbound Enquiry Chasers

The holiday process generates numerous decisions and questions for the customer, many of which are resolved by a call centre. Email plays a supporting role here by triggering messages following the phone enquiry, perhaps with the option of personalisation to make it appear to be from the agent involved.

5. Recommendations

Try providing customers with a tailored set of destinations, properties or holiday packages and you will see a strong increase in performance. Use any data held against the individual to generate content which is relevant to the customer, whether this is browsing activity, past bookings or any preferences stated by the customer, all of which can be used to provide targeted recommendations.

6. The Holiday Experience

Email isn’t just an effective tool within the booking process, it can also play a simple, yet effective role in the customer experience around a holiday. This could include pre-departure emails and welcome home emails, additional services such as insurance and airport parking, all with the intention of providing a better overall holiday experience.

7. Inspiration

Similar to recommendations, email can also be used to provide inspiration for the next holiday. Include effective and relevant imagery & content that will provide the customer with the burning desire to book another holiday.


All of these campaigns can be easily created and sent using our email marketing software, Maxemail.

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