Top Tips for Integrating Social Media With Email

1. Promoting Both Channels

Email can be used as a method to boost your social media following. If customers have signed up to receiving your communications, it’s highly likely that they will be interested in the content being shared on your social media channels as well. Therefore, try including social media follow links within your campaigns to capture more followers. The same applies the other way round – take advantage of your ESP’s social sharing options and post your email on your desired social media channel with an appropriate message and image.

2. Share Your Key Content

Email can be used to encourage your subscribers to share your key content. Whether this is the sharing of your monthly newsletter, a triggered campaign of a recent purchase or simply an email with a design so eye catching that the reader has to share. By including social sharing buttons which can be easily seen, subscribers are more likely to share your content across their desired channel.

3. Newsfeed Component

The inclusion of a social newsfeed within your email campaign is a great way to share your latest posts with your subscribers. Maxemail enables you to automatically pull a selected number of posts from your desired channel at the time of send, or manually choose a selection of posts which may be relevant to the content within your email.

4. Subscriber Bar

Do you have a large number of customers and prospects following your business on social media? If so, why not give those social media lovers the opportunity to sign up to your communications by including a subscriber bar at the top of your shared email to help grow your subscriber list. Some ESP’s such as Maxemail make this as simple as checking a tick box within the campaign setup.

5. Use Email to Target Inactive Subscribers on Social

Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to take advantage of targeted ads using the email addresses of your customers. These are then matched to their social media accounts and give you the opportunity to target those inactive subscribers who are no longer opening your emails. Additionally, allowing you to target the friends of your subscribers or those which share similar interests, locations and attributes.