Top Tips for Keeping Your Customers Engaged

1. Target Your Discounts

Not matter how great your emails are, you will still have a selection of customers who aren’t engaging with your emails. Targeted discounts are a great way to win back that engagement with those who have lost interest with your communications. Perhaps offer an exclusive incentive to this group in the form of a unique discount code to grab their attention and drive them towards making a purchase.

2. Getting More Then Just The First Sale

It takes more than a few batch and blast emails to get a second purchase from your customers. Instead, take the personal approach by recommending them relevant products following on from their first purchase, or, alternatively, make use of a targeted discount to help win that second purchase. After all, the more purchases a customer makes from you, the more of a habit and pattern is established, helping the customer to build a relationship with your brand.

3. Be Valuable

Customers subscribe to your emails because they expect something of value in return. As soon as they fail to see the benefit of your emails, they lose interest and begin to ignore your communications. Once this happens it’s often a challenge to win back that credibility. Therefore, you should be providing the customer with what they want to hear, not what you want them to hear.

4. First Impressions Do Count

Customers decision to open your emails can be based on a number of reasons, however, one of the most influential factors is the past experience they have had with your emails. As soon as you begin to offer irrelevant or repetitive content, your subscribers will start to give up on opening your emails, let alone engaging with them.

The first few emails you send play a vital part in achieving successful email marketing. Following sign up, your customers are likely to be highly engaged as they will want to find out exactly what they have subscribed to. Introduce them into a welcome program where you can set expectations and gather some more information about what they’d like to receive.

5. Keep Sending

Persistence isn’t the most glamorous of tactics, however, your customers can miss your emails for a number of reasons. Just because a customer hasn’t opened your email after a certain period of time, doesn’t mean you should give up. Resending your campaign to those non-openers can help to rekindle their interest with your brand. However, this isn’t quite as simple as sending the exact email. It’s important to make sure your email isn’t an exact replica by making tweaks to different elements such as copy, imagery, subject line and from name.