Top Tips For Overcoming The Common Email Marketing Barriers

1. No One Is Opening Your Emails

Struggling to get those all important opens? Perhaps your subject line isn’t punchy enough or you’re not offering enough value to entice the recipient. However, one of the main factors influencing your open rate will be your track record. If your previous emails delivered to your subscribers haven’t been of interest or value, then what reasoning do they have to open the next? Try introducing an effective welcome program and maintain that consistency of relevant email content.

2. Lack Of Engagement

It’s not necessarily gaining that initial engagement, but the maintainance of it that can be a challenge. There are a number of techniques which can be used to achieve this, for example, by segmenting your data you can target different groups to ensure the delivery of content that will be relevant to them. Dynamic Content can also be used to target customers through one email that will display different versions depending on their selected preferences.

3. Increase In Unsubscribes

Unfortunately, unsubscribes happen, however, they can be prevented. Analyse your email frequency to ensure that you aren’t bombarding subscribers with too many emails. Relevancy is also key, as if you’re providing information that isn’t useful, your customers aren’t likely to hang around for long. Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of pre-testing tools so that you avoid any mistakes within your emails such as broken links or poorly displaying images.

4. Poor Email Deliverability

Email deliverability shouldn’t be an issue if you use a reputable Email Service Provider and follow best practice. List maintenance is a key factor as well, and can be done automatically within some ESP’s to make sure that any bad addresses are removed. However, issues can often occur when switching ESP’s, especially when you don’t take your bounces and unsubscribes with you.

Finally, make sure you are authenticated – prove you are the rightful sender of the email by getting your web administrators to set up a subdomain that points towards your ESP for all your email marketing activity.

5. Lack Of Clicks

You may have all this great content, but getting your subscribers to click-through can be a challenge. Make sure your call-toactions stand out and are above the fold of your email. Where possible, use supporting images and descriptive words to entice the user, and if you’re unsure of what works best for your audience, a split test is a useful way of testing elements such as call-to-actions.