Top Tips for Saving Time on your Email Marketing


1. Plan ahead to improve productivity

Planning your email marketing strategy can be seen as a time-consuming task that you just don’t have time for. In a sense this is true, a plan can seem to take an age to develop and even longer to implement, but just think about how more inefficient you’d be if you abandoned the planning stage and just ad-libbed.

A good email marketing plan will always save you time in the future, and that’s what you need to focus on. With your plan in place and an email marketing campaign schedule to work from, you can assess when you may have resourcing issues and work around this. This plan will give you the ability to use any free time to help prepare for the busier periods.

2. Outsource to an email marketing specialist

If you’re short on resources to manage and implement your email campaigns in-house then you can look at the alternatives, if you have the budget to do so of course. Outsourcing your email marketing can be a quick win for your marketing team and will enable them to focus on much larger campaigns and tasks.

By outsourcing to an email marketing specialist, like Emailcenter, you will gain access to an account manager, impartial advice and both creative and implementation services via our Maxservices team to successfully develop and deliver your email marketing strategy.

3. Invest in an email builder tool

Where outsourcing might not be the best option for everyone, there are other ways to streamline your email campaign creation process. Using an email marketing platform like Maxemail with an integrated Email Builder will give you access to the best technology in email creation, allowing non-technical marketing professionals to create email campaigns using simple drag and drop functionality.

4. Use an email automation tool

When you’re pushed for time, having to remember to test and send an email can be a tall order. So if you can automate your email marketing campaigns you should. Most email marketers now have integrated data between their website, internal systems and Email Service Provider, but there are still opportunities for automation in other areas.

Maxemail allows you to create an email template where all of the call to action buttons, news stories or product links are automatically built, so you don’t have to create these manually each time.

5. Customise your reporting outputs

You shouldn’t need to waste time filling in spreadsheets with the results of your email campaigns if you have the right reporting suite in place. The reporting features within Maxemail allow you to customise dashboards and reports, which you can schedule to be sent directly to your email address on a specific day and time. In addition, copying this data into a spreadsheet for internal reporting is designed to be a one-click job.


How Emailcenter can help

When signing up to use Maxemail, our comprehensive email marketing platform, you will gain access to our advanced email builder tool that allows you to easily create templates and customise with dynamic content using the drag and drop functionality. Our platform provides all the tools needed to build and send targeted emails with a simple plug in to report on the success of each campaign.

For those who need a fully outsourced solution, our Maxservice team are available to manage, develop and report on your email marketing campaigns to help you promote your brand and improve both sales and leads.