Top Tips for Successful Email Marketing


1. Send Time

The best way to calculate your optimum sending time is by analysing your data. Think about when your audience will be more susceptible to emails and make sure you dive into the reporting of previous campaigns.

2. Subject Lines

A good subject line should state clearly what the contents of the email is about, in a tone of voice that fits your brand. The most important thing to remember is that you provide a true and clear reflection about your email, not getting your customers to open through false pretences or curiosity.

3. Who Is Sending The Email?

The first thing a customer will look for when they receive an email is who it is from. Try a first name alongside your brand name and you may well see an improvement in results.

4. The Split Test

You can improve a number of factors mentioned in this guide by conducting a split test – putting any theories you may have to the test to help enhance results.

5. The Pre-Header

Most email clients used nowadays give the recipient a preview of the first line of the email. Whether this is alongside the subject line or as a pop up as the email arrives in your inbox, it provides an additional opportunity to describe the content of your email.

6. Resends

Re-sending your email to non-openers can help to generate half the response again. However, it’s vital to ensure the resend isn’t an exact copy, using different imagery, tweaking of the copy and perhaps a more punchy subject line.

7. Mobile Friendly

The rise of the smartphone has caused an increase in the number of emails opened on mobile devices. This highlights the importance for optimising emails for mobile devices, which can be easily done in Maxemail’s Email Builder.

8. Grab The Reader’s Attention, Fast

You only have a few seconds to capture the reader’s attention so your email should be designed in a way to get your message across quickly. Make your email scannable with eye-catching imagery and ensure it’s easy to identify what’s included in the content.