Top Tips For Understanding the Customer Lifecycle

1. Welcome Email

Not only do welcome emails act as a method of validation but they give you the opportunity to initiate a relationship with your customer, generate some excitement around your brand and set the expectations of what they can expect to receive. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to capture additional information from them so that you can ensure you’re providing them with relevant and engaging content.

2. First Purchase of Enquiry Stage

Customers may not go ahead with a purchase for a number of reasons. When this is the case, it opens up a great opportunity to gently remind the customer about the purchase. A cart recovery email is a great way to help them overcome these concerns and recover that lost sale. For those products that have a longer thought process, such as holidays, try introducing your customers into a series of emails to educate, recommend and guide the customer, all with the intention of helping them make a booking.

3. Next Purchase

Once a customer has made their first purchase from you it doesn’t mean email’s work is done. Don’t just dump them into a pot with the rest, but instead, consider targeting recommendations based upon their last purchase, and if possible, incentivise the customer into making that second purchase. After all, the longer the time period after that initial sale, the less likely they are to buy from you again.

4. Winback

It’s often easier to gain a sale from existing customers who have previously made a purchase rather than first-time visitors to your site. Therefore, after an appropriate amount of time without any activity since their last purchase, it’s worthwhile providing them with a personal and unique discount to incentivise them into shopping with you again

5. Loyalty

Email can help to develop your customer base into a selection of loyal and frequent customers. In order to do this, introduce them into a well thought out email program whereby you are talking to them in a personalised and relevant way. It’s not necessarily about offering them reward points or endless exclusive offers, but more simply ensuring that your email content always contains something of interest for them. .