Top Tips on Split A/B Testing Email Campaigns

Top Tips on Split A/B Email Testing

1. Analyse your current data

To perform a split A/B test that will be beneficial, you need to take a look at your current email reporting data. If your open rate is high then testing your subject line or who the email is coming from probably isn’t necessary. But if you’re struggling to convert your customers then you probably need to work on the content of your email or the call to action.

2. Decide on what variable you want to test

Split A/B testing is a method for testing one variant (A) against the other (B) to see which one performs best with your customers. It’s advised to test one variable at a time and the things you may want to consider testing include:

By identifying your weaknesses you can work on improving future email marketing campaigns, driving both engagement and return on investment. If you decide you want to test more than one variable then multivariate testing would be another option.

3. Identify your ideal test segment

Who you send your test emails to will depend on the overall objective of your split A/B test. For example, if you’re testing the subject line due to low open rates then you’ll most likely be experimenting with those who haven’t opened your emails for the past six months. Remember to test each email against the same number of subscribers, and the larger your test sample then the more accurate your results will be for analysis.

4. Implementing an effective test campaign

In order to run a split A/B test quickly and efficiently, you’ll need to ensure that your email marketing software has the functionality built in. Maxemail, our email marketing platform, allows you to create your two email versions, select your test segment and set up your split A/B test with ease.

Tracking is automatically set up within our email marketing platform itself to monitor each email campaign sent, however it’s also possible to implement tracking for Google Analytics if you need to.

5. Analysing the results

Once your emails have been delivered you’ll need to take the time to review the results in line with your split A/B test campaign objective. You should be looking at how many customers were reached, the open rates of each email, what devices they were opened on, the click through rate, what links were clicked, the conversion rate, the bounce rate and any unsubscribes. This will give you a clear indication to which email performed best to target the rest of your segment with.

How Emailcenter can help

At Emailcenter we encourage our clients to run split A/B testing and multivariate testing to maximise the performance of their email marketing campaigns. We provide the tools needed to run split A/B tests within our easy-to-use email marketing platform and have the team available to support and advise you through the process.